Irriview: irrigation system with remote management

Irriview: irrigation system with remote management

The ‘Irriview’ irrigation system of Mastop Totaaltechniek BV is the solution with respect to controlled irrigation of trees and plants. For example, for indoor and outdoor situations, such as green façades, roof gardens, flower boxes, parks, greenery in public spaces, etc. The irrigation system can be used in all situations where you want to save on (labour) costs by automatically irrigating plants and trees, but do not want to waste water and want to maintain full control of your green project.

Precision dosing of the right amount of water and nutrition

The program is used to set the desired humidity for one or more sprinklers. An advanced central control unit doses using sensors to supply the precise amount of water. Nutrition can also be supplied so that the plants remain in good condition. The ‘Irriview’ irrigation system ensures the precise amount of water and nutrition is provided to satisfy the needs of the plant without wasting a drop of water. In combination with sunshine, it is a particularly sustainable solution for small and large green projects.


We provide convenience and certainty

A subscription provides you with an internet connection to the ‘Irriview’ server for 24/7 monitoring. Technicians in the control room at Mastop Totaaltechniek log in twice a week to check and make adjustments when needed. The customer can also check and make adjustments when desired. There is also an alarm that goes off if the specified limit values are exceeded. Water consumption, humidity values, temperatures, and so on are recorded so that the ideal humidity level is maintained without wasting expensive water.
The irrigation system consists of building blocks that can be configured to provide a solution for every situation. You can choose from mains water (directly or via a pump unit with break tank), rainwater, and reuse of recycled water. A variety of options are available, such as automatic frost protection for outdoor situations, i.e. the pipes are automatically blown dry at a specified temperature to prevent damage by frost.