Irriview: Irrigation system with remote management

Irriview - powered by Mastop Totaaltechniek BV


Irriview: Irrigation system with remote management

With Mastop’s Irriview, you have an especially advanced system that allows you to monitor your green project continuously. The Irriview system ensures that irreparable damage to the valuable plants due to technical faults is prevented, e.g. such as a power outage and/or blockages in the water supply. An internet connection is required for remote management.


After installation, irrigation settings are agreed on with the client and then set. Of course, being the client, you are responsible for determining the appropriate irrigation practices. Mastop Totaaltechniek BV monitors the settings and checks that the technical parts of the system are working properly. We will alert you when deviations are detected. If desired, the system can also inform the greenery maintenance team. It is even possible to interface with the building management system connected to the green wall.

Recording of data

The Irriview server communicates with your project on a daily basis. This occurs automatically. You will not notice it. The connection only lasts a few seconds and collects and stores relevant data on the server, such as, water consumption per valve, humidity and temperature levels, pump activity, etc. So, it is possible to view measurements all the way back to the initial recordings. In the past, this data has proven to be very useful. For example, insurance issues related to calamities that had sweeping affects on the plants.


We remotely monitor your water and fertiliser consumption throughout the year. Technicians in the ‘Irriview’ control room at Mastop Totaaltechniek BV log into your project twice a week. We inspect the overall water balance for the plants and whether enough fertiliser is present. During the interim periods, the system sends an alarm message if certain threshold limit values are exceeded. Mastop Totaaltechniek BV will immediately take action and inform the client. If required, we can also send these alarm messages to local maintenance teams. What actions to take will then be determined in consultation. If components of the system must be repaired and/or replaced, Mastop Totaaltechniek BV has a breakdown service available to assist you 24/7.

Irriview: afstandsbeheer irrigatiesystemen
The Irriview team monitoring your greenproject!

Log book feature

A log book feature has been specially incorporated into the software. It is used to register what alterations are made to the irrigation system and when these occurred. This provides a valuable history of the project. It is important that the party maintaining the plants make use of this log book, or reports their findings to us, so that visual defects on the plants are reported and recorded.

Peace of mind

Irriview is intended to provide you with peace of mind. We take control of the irrigation system and manage it. Of course, you can always access the Irriview server to view the current status. You can log in from anywhere in the world. Moisture levels, pump activity and water consumption are displayed in comprehensible graphics. If desired, we can regularly email you a report listing history data.



Irriview includes the following features and services:

  • Use of our remote server, Own login code and password
  • Own home page
  • Remote modification of settings:
  • Moisture settings
  • Irrigation time settings (litres or minutes)
  • Nutrients injection pump settings
  • Frost program settings
  • Insight into water consumption of each individual valve
  • Overview of moisture level of the wall -> Graphics program with the following options as of the start of the measurement:
  • Moisture level
  • Temperature
  • Pump activity
  • EC and/or pH (when installed)
  • Automatic alerts when limit value is exceeded:
  • Moisture level in the wall is too low
  • Flow detection (moisture demand, but no litre counting)
  • Leakage (litre counting, but no moisture demand)
  • Fertiliser reserve beneath level
  • Break tank level too low
  • Power outage
  • Pump alarm