Watertechnology and irrigationsystems

Maintain the quality of usable water and improve the quality of bad water. That is what Water technology is all about. We find the best way to optimise the irrigation of your greenhouse, cultivation floor or green projects. Because the right water quality in combination with the right nutrients are of the utmost importance in guaranteeing the quality of your plants, vegetables and flowers.

Green façades, green roofs, gardens or sports fields; Mastop Totaaltechniek BV ensures that your green projects remain green, even in the harshest of conditions! We create a complete irrigation network so that your plants are guaranteed water and nutrients. We can store and filter rainwater for you and alongside drain water this forms the basis of your green project.

You can come to us for:
 Water storage (water basins, water silos)
 Watering systems for greenhouses, outdoor cultivation, ornamental gardens, sports fields, green projects
 Installation of tanks, filters and pumps
 Good and sufficient irrigation water by means of reverse osmosis and recycling
 Installation and supply of substrate units

Irriview: Remote control

We make full use of the latest automation techniques thus taking the water management of your project out of your hands. We can monitor your project via remote control in order to make sure that precisely the right amount of water and nutrients are available to guarantee your plants a long and happy life!

  Irriview: irrigationsystem with remotecontrol

MT/Micro Controller

Discover the ease of controlling the watering of your green projects using our compact MT/Micro Controller. This pocket-sized control system monitors 24/7 the water level of your green facade, roof or project and adjusts it as and when necessary. Check our Brochure.